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This is our WINCO 2013 Nurnberg Report and as always concentrates solely on the ranges that we sell and believe me that is only a small percentage of the goods / ranges on show at Nurnberg. In some cases the companies we represent do not exhibit at the Fair but as soon as we have new information about their products it will appear in our normal Newsletter.

ACME: this year they have a massive new catalogue with lots of new items shown - if only we could guarantee supplies it would be great! I have a couple of new tactics up my sleeve for this year in an attempt to try and secure better supplies so we are quite prepared to order in anything you want but you will need to be patient and eventually we hope we will be able to supply your requirements.

BEMO: this is our largest seller and whilst we hope to send out leaflets to all our Club members in due course I would like to pick out some of the highlights and models with "Cut Off" ordering dates below.

HOm: there are two Metal collection models with "Cut Off" dates of 30th April 2013. One is 1298132 a new version of the RhB BERNINA Krokodil and the other 1282219 the MOB DZe Articulated Electric this time in blue & cream livery. Other "Cut Off" date items are in FO consisting of a Set but sold as individual items all in the FO dark red livery. 1263204 (also available as digital) Deh 4/4 GOMS, 2 x 2nd Class matching Coaches 3267207 & 208 and a matching Driving Trailer 3275204. We will not be able to accept pre-orders for any of the above items after the "Cut off" date which is 30th April 2013.

Other new items include 1266151 RhB Works Railcar Xe 4/4 232 in yellow (also as digital), RhB Railcar no. 503 code 1265113 (digital available) plus 6 various colour coaches to make up a 1970's Pendelzug. Code 1255130 is another Krokodil no. 404 (also as digital) and the Ge 4/4 I 1250105 appears in 1950's green livery with a digital version also available.

After disappearing for sometime the RhB Steam Loco no. 107 returns named "Albula" in green livery as 1290127 and again also available in digital format. This year's Ge 4/4 III is another version of the "CoOp" this time with "Tomato" livery and available as digital or analogue - 1259171. Ge 4/4 II UNTERVAZ has been superceded by 1258162 No. 612 THUSIS (again also available in digital).

The MGB is represented by 1267251 HGm 4/4 No. 61 with rectangular headlights and the latest roof details.

The DFB has an ex RhB Diesel Tractor 1274291 Tm 2/2 No. 91 in yellow.

For the BRUNIG line this year there is De 110 005 Pendelzug Loco 1246455 in ZB livery. This is the loco which trundles back and forth from Meiringen to Interlaken Ost. There is also a JUBILEE Train in Historic colours to mark the 125 Years of the BRUNIG Bahn and consists of 4 parts - Deh 4/6 914 in green 1246404 (1346404 in digital) and 3 x Centre-door Coaches - 3258413 1st/2nd in green, 3257415 2nd again in green and 3257426 in red.

At long last the remaining MOB Driving Trailers of the Super Panoramic Express are going to be made in blue & cream - codes 3297306 and 307 Arst 116 and Arst 117 respectively. Also available to make a complete train - 1281325 BDe 4/4 3005 and 1281326 BDe 4/4 3006 alongwith 3295305 a Salon Bar Coach and 3295300 Works Coach. The MOB also has GDe 4/4 6005 (ex GFM) loco in "Golden Pass" gold/white livery (code 1280345) and 2 matching coloured coaches - 1st/2nd 3291343 and 1st Class 3292346. Finally worth mentioning is the 2-axle Closed Van "PEPSI" (2274312).

Whilst talking about wagons I think I need to mention a few of the RhB ones!

2269117 CoOp Refrigerated Van showing an Apple / 2289119 Bogie Flat with "Calanda" Container and 2288142 Bogie Closed Van "Raselli". Last but not least 2263116 Flat Wagon with Signal Load.

BEMO HOe: three themes this year -

1: Ochslebahn / 2: Sachsen and 3. Fichtelbergbahn

1. Ochsle - 1017898 2-10-2 Steam Loco 99 788, 3 x 2-axle ex RhB Coaches 3031836/837 and 838 and an ex Wurttemberg 2-axle Coach 3002836.

2. Sachsen - 1013811 DRG 99 7503, 1013813 K.Sa.Sts.B. No. 3 in green, 1003811 DRG 99 7541 0-6-2, 1003815 K.Sa.Sts.B. No. 63 and 1016807 K.Sa.Sts.B. No. 107 Mallet.

3. Fichtelbergbahn - 1017893 Class 99 775 2-10-2 Steam Loco and 6 matching Bogie Coaches - 3 with DR logo and 3 with Fichtelbergbahn logos. We don't carry all the BEMO HOe range as stock but will gladly order in any items required using our pre-order scheme.

BEMO Om: some of the items shown in this range for 2013 are already about. However I feel I must point out the following before I go any further - the wagons are all fitted with fine-scale wheels and K-Dee couplings so if you want to run them on FAMA / UTZ / AlpinLine track you need to change the wheelsets and couplings. If you pre-order the models then I will ensure they come with the correct wheelsets and couplings direct from the factory. Moving on with this theme it then makes it difficult for the first locomotive which is a variant of the Tm Tractor. There will be two versions - Tm 68 and Tm 20 and each one has 4 variants -

1. Scale wheels

2. Scale with digital and sound

3. FAMA wheels

4. FAMA with digital and sound

As there are so many variants we will not be able to keep them in stock therefore they will have to be pre-ordered.

The CoOp Wagons - 9469113 Orange and 9469115 Broccoli are in production at present. At a later date there will be two more Closed Vans - 9482116 "POST" and 9482123 "Mobel Pfister" and also two low-sided Wagons.


O Gauge - normally I wouldn't list the "O" range but this year there is going to be a Breuer Articulated Loco (similar to the RIVAROSSI HO one) and one of the versions - 31002 is Swiss. Listed as Tm 405 and as the loco is Swiss there are some Swiss Vans - 37202 "MIGROS" Tomato and 37203 "MIGROS" Orange plus quite a few German Vans, Flats and Container Wagons. I know "O" Continental is not particularly popular in the UK but this ready to run range now covers quite a nice assortment so order early to secure.

HO Gauge - as with most BRAWA HO all locos come as standard DC Analogue / Digital DC with sound / standard AC and Digital AC with sound. There are 4 versions of the German BR 89/T8 Locomotives in various Epoches. The Swiss Ae 476 (ex E42) comes in "ClassicRail" livery - code 43015. At long last the VOITH Gravita Diesels are to appear - 42700 in "VOITH" livery / 42704 in DB red also the 10 version of the same loco - 42750 DB red / 42754 "VOITH" Experimental / 42762 "NorthRail" / 42758 "MRCE" / 42766 Swiss "PANLOG" and 42770 Swiss "Stahl". This year's V100 Diesels appear as 41260 "Adam GmbH" and 41252 "RTS" but the star of this year's catalogue must be the TWINDEXX Vario Double-deck EMU in both DB and ICE liveries. Each unit consists of a 4-car Set with a 3 x car add on. These are projects for 2014. Another Diesel Railcar worth a mention is 44362 French VT 137 in red & white. There is also the usual motley crew of 2-axle DB Coaches and a few older Bogie Coaches. Again most of the wagons are from Epoche I and II including Swiss "Calanda Brau" (47818) and two K2 wagons in grey or brown (47820 and 47819 respectively). The standard UIC Refrigerator Van appears in 6 versions - 48311 DB "Intefrigo" / 48312 French "STEF" / 48317 Dutch "Intefrigo" and 48314,15 & 16 all Swiss "MIGROS" Vans.

N Gauge - the GRAVITA 10 Diesel loco comes in 3 versions - 62712 DB red / 62716 "Saar Rail" and 62714 "VOITH". Also the ex E42 Electric is released as Swiss Ae 476's in two new liveries - 63014 "ClassicRail" and 63013 "Orient Express". Diesel loco Class V180 61189 appears in the German "infraleuna" livery and ex Romanian locomotive comes in the guise of DB "Bahnbau" livery (code 61125). There are not any new modern Swiss coaches this year but there are 3 Bogie Old-timers - 65250 3rd Class, 65251 2nd/3rd Class and 65252 Luggage Van.

BUSCH Feldbahn: Watch this space!!

DOLISCHO: there are still some new items from last year yet to appear but the following are new items listed for 2013 -

HO - 133001 a Draisine / 97712 TAURUS (PIKO) in "Steiermarkbahn" livery / 97703 HERCULES (PIKO) "RTS" livery / 96740 GTW 2/6 in "Steiermark" livery and 96741 GTW 2/8 in Graz-Koflacher-Bahn livery.

HOe - 143001 is a Draisine with wagon (similar style to the TiHO version), three OBB 2-axle 2nd Coaches in green (344353 / 54 and 55). Also the Mariazell and SLB have Dome Wagons 344410 and 344411 respectively.

FALLER: a big brochure here - some 40 pages with lots of new items including working models. I only have space for a few items here but should have brochures available shortly. 3 x 1st class stamps please to have a copy mailed out to you if you can't get to FALLER's website.

For HO - 120277 3-door Engine Shed / 120128 Coaling Station with servo driven Crane / 120242 Loco Coaling Station also with moving bucket / 120276 small Wagon Turntable again with drive / 130188 Pallet Factory / 130323 Small Material Cableway with 2 x interchangeable Containers used to take goods up steep mountain slopes again with drive / 130535 large Farmhouse / 130536 small Farmhouse / 130534 "Black Forest" Farm with thatched roof / 180599 Kennel with dog which goes for walkies also with drive / 130319 Twin Garages - one with opening doors and finally this year's PREMIUM model is a "Travelling Circus" - code 130990. Another very useful item is 180436 Avalanche Barriers.

For N - 222153 an old-style Covered Cross Platform Bridge / 222144 Water Tower / 222163 Coaling Stage with moving crane / 232252 "Black Forest" Thatched Farm Building / 232369 Roadside Produce Shop / 232363 "Wine Festival" and last but not least 232312 2 x Town Houses.

HERIS: HERIS have a lot of new versions of their Bogie Silo Wagon -

DB / SBB / CSD / SNCF and SZ - as and when they turn up is another thing! Other items of interest - 2 sets of 3 x Wagons - all Bogie Flats with wood loads. HERIS have also announced 3 sets of SBB Z2 "POST" Vans - each set containing 3 x Wagons, one set in green with brake platform, another set in green without the brake platform and the third in yellow with brake platforms. I think these have been shown before but never produced. There are also a couple of SBB Tes Roll-top Wagons.

Another interesting item is a Set of 8 x "MAERSK" Refrigerated Container Wagons - 4 x 20 foot and 4 x 40 foot.

HAG: HAG are back!! I have established a new contact and hopefully everything we need / have on back order will finally arrive? I don't want to list any items as yet and at present we will continue to only show the items we have in stock. If there is something you specifically want we will enquire with the factory first and then take the relevant deposits once we know availability etc.

One thing I would say is that the new locos appear to have far more sophisticated electronics inside compared to the original HAG models. This reflects the fact that the new owner runs an electronics company!

JAGERNDORFER: this year Jagerndorfer announced some new OBB Locomotives. Two versions of Class 1064 and two versions of the 1063. The Class 1116 comes in two new liveries of "Rail Cargo" Hungary and the 470 GySEV loco comes in a wonderful new livery "Raaberbahn" - code 28080 or 28082 with sound.

KIBRI / VIESSMANN: very little new in Building kits this year. The few which do appear all come with lighting and include 49509 "Spreewald" Station / 48213 "Spreewald" Cafe / 48218 High-rise Shopping Centre with Flats and Penthouse / 49558 modern Platform and 49566 an older Platform. KIBRI appear to have gone into the railway rolling stock market with 4 x Flat Wagons with various Vehicle Loads on them as finished models. Also there is a finished model with a Low-sided Wagon with a built-in Excavator and a Low-sided Wagon with Overhead Maintenance Platforms on it. At the same time VIESSMANN (the same Company) have a working model of the "ROBEL" Railway Maintenance Wagon - code 26110 / a working and ready-to-run Tamping Machine - 26052 and last but not least a Low-sided Wagon with working Revolving Cement Mixer - 26254.

LEMKE / HobbyTRAIN / KATO: HobbyTRAIN are now using a factory in Spain to produce some of their models. The quality is excellent and the prices are as good if not better than Japan and China. Long may it last!

In N gauge the 6 Wagon Set of BLS Car Transporters is to be available again as code 23941. As an addition to this set there is a BLS Driving Trailer and 2 extra Wagons - code 23940. There will be a rerun of the "Red Arrow" and trailer - code 2646 and a brand new BLS Ae 6/8 No. 205 to celebrate "100 Years of the BLS". This brown old-timer will have code H10180.

There will be some more versions of the VECTRON locomotive and a series of Eanos Bogie Wagons all with various markings and to compliment this 4 sets of Tamns 893 Wagons (basically Eanos with sliding roof). Also in N there are to be three Class 77's - "ECR" (code K10827) / "CAPTRAIN" (K10825) and "F=MA" (K10826) plus two Class 66's - K10822 being "CrossRAIL" and K10823 "HGK". For Swiss fans there will be a 2 x RIC Coach Set Epoche VI in blue/white & red - code K23007.

The TAURUS appears in two new liveries - H2724 "Coca Cola" and H2725 SZ "Manner" Biscuit livery. This year's New Items leaflet also contains a number of models which were not produced in 2012. We now have good supplies of these available - 3 x 2nd Class stamps please if you would like a copy mailed out to you.

LEMKE / MEHANO: the first of the new locos have now arrived into our stocks. I had hoped they would have been branded under the HobbyTRAIN badge but the boxes still show MEHANO. I have been assured that LEMKE have the sole rights to MEHANO so that although other companies are producing the G2000's and Class 66's they are not of MEHANO origin.

We should shortly have loads of the "New MEHANO" leaflets available. Please send in 3 x 2nd class stamps for a mailed out copy.

LILIPUT: novel innovation here - a brand new catalogue complete with a 24 page New Items section in it.

HO to start with - 131560 DRG and 131562 DB Class 56 2-8-0 Tender Locomotive / LINT 27 Diesel Railcars in the following liveries - 133101 "VECTUS" / 133102 "HEX" / 133100 DB Regio / 133103 "HLB" and for Swiss fans L133942 3-Car DOMINO EMU in "RegionAlps" livery / L230120 a set of 3 x BLS Non Air-conditioned 1st Class Coaches to celebrate "100 Years Lotschberg Bahn" / L334971 1st Class EW I in green and L334972 matching 2nd Class. The EW I Coaches are also available in NPZ livery 334973 2nd Class and 334974 a 1st/2nd Class.

HOe - 142124 RSE Epoche III Diesel Loco VII / a set of 2 Wagons with timber load code 240100 - again in RSE livery. The DR is represented by 344412 3-axle Dome Wagon and 371014 Baggage Coach. The Zillertal has Diesel Loco D10 and the StLB Flat Wagon 294043 / Open Good Wagon with brake cabin 294011 and Closed Van 294233. For the OBB there is 294044 a Flat Wagon with brake cabin / 294012 Open Wagon with brake cabin / 294234 Closed Van and 371013 a Baggage Coach. Also shown in the main catalogue are four versions of the Uh Steam Loco which seemed to disappear a couple of years ago supposedly to be revamped last year but so far have not materialised.

N Gauge - the SBB 4-unit FLIRT EMU comes out in a new livery "Regio Basle" code 163994 and there is a 3-unit FLIRT in BLB livery code 163973. There are also four DB Epoche III Coaches in green and two Bogie Silo Wagons 265872 "Ermewa" and 265874 "Enviloc".

L.G.B: when I first looked at the brochure I thought "I've seen all this before" and quite frankly there is little new. The Allegra Unit which should have been out last year had a small moulding on the LGB stand which must make it very late (it was supposed to be "new" last year) but it's not shown at all in this year's brochure.

For Swiss fans there is another Ge 4/4 II - this year numbered 613 "DOMAT / EMS". The Ge 6/6 I Krokodil appears as No. 415 in blue to match two Alpine Classic coaches - code 36659. I really don't understand the marketing techniques of LGB they seem to want to put all rolling stock into Sets - there are 2 "Bernina" Coaches - code 39661 / 3 Bogie Fuel Tankers - code 49700 / 3 Flat Wagons - 2 of which have a rubbish hopper on them - code 47899 / 2 Coaches and 1 Wagon in Furka Oberalp livery - code 36641 compliments the above set and is a Furka HGe 2/2 Electric loco - code 23460. Code 45141 is a 2 Wagon RhB Stake Wagon set with wood loads and 49140 are 2 x RhB Flat Wagons with two small waste containers on each wagon.

To mark "100 Years of the Engadine" railway there is an RhB Ge 2/4 in green, a 2-axle Coach and 3 Wagons under the code no. 29490. The only single item is a new RhB Luggage Coach with pantograph which is code 30691. The only other item which caught my eye was a little 0-4-0 Feldbahn Loco - code 24140.

In the Toy Train section is a Set with an 0-4-0 Loco and 2 x Wagons with a Digger on one alongwith an oval of track - code 90470.

MARKLIN: this is one range we have little to do with now and the orders have gotten smaller and smaller each year but we are always willing to supply MARKLIN HO / Z or Gauge 1 at sensible prices if you use our pre-order scheme.

OS.KAR: the first thing to mention is the Italian Narrow Gauge Railbus which comes in 4 liveries and is fitted with HOm wheelsets but the great thing is that this model is that the packet has a spare set of HOe wheels so you can change them yourself to make it HOm or HOe - whichever your system is.

In HO Os.KAR continue with their fine Steam Locos including a new one with a "Franco Crosti" Boiler. Some of their wagons are also rerun with new running numbers.

PIKO: quite a nice little brochure with loads of repaints and new liveries on all their locos including the Class 118's / 180's / G1206 / BR 346 / GTW 2/8's / BR 185's and TAURUS locos. One thing which did stand out being a BR 440 4-unit "Agilis" EMU.

In the HOBBY Range much the same - more liveries on the BR 189 and BR 101 as well as the HERCULES Diesels and now a TRAXX Loco.

We don't carry much from the PIKO range as stock but we do supply a lot of PIKO at sensible prices to customers using our pre-order scheme.

PREISER: very little new this year in the way of packets of figures. This year PREISER appear to be concentrating on the single-figure range and more accessories - ie: Lady in a Kitchen which also has a cupboard, cooker and fridge or 1 Person in a Shower with all the other bathroom accessories - toiler, hand basin, towel rail, bath, radiator & cupboards. The only sets worth mentioning are 10651 Wheelybin Men with 5 x wheely bins / 10641 Passengers with wheeled Suitcases and in LGB size two sets of Lumberjacks - codes 44912 and 44914.

POLA G: a few new buildings this year including 331060 Steel Bridge / 331081 Party Venue / 331082 Dormer Bungalow / 331020 Castle Ruin and 330922 Water Tower.

RockyRAIL: this year they are about to release some models in HO - their first loco is based on the ABB/MAK 6400 BoBo Diesel. It will appear in 3 liveries - DB / NS and Railion and each version will be available in DC / DC Digital and DC Digital with sound. The another HO item is a double Lorry Trailer Wagon type Sdggmrs. There are 8 versions all with two highly detailed Lorry Trailers on each wagon. These things travel across Europe and look to be very good value considering the detail.

We have a few leaflets and I will try and get some pics. put on our website.

There is also an HO model of their N scale Twin Container Wagon which comes in 6 versions with varying containers. We will be ordering these shortly.

An interesting point here - RockyRAIL are distributing both B-Models and HELJAN. HELJAN are releasing the Class 66 in various liveries and B-Models the VOSSLOH G2000. This seems very strange as LEMKE have already been producing the MEHANO versions of these locos with a higher spec. than the original MEHANO models.

ROCO: my first thoughts about the ROCO / FLEISCHMANN stand at the Toy Fair this year was that it was pathetic! Very little on show, no literature available and a handful of youngsters either playing with their iPhones or playing with the iPad controls of the premade layouts so basically I had to wait over a week after the show to get any literature and you know how it is - you get a 140 page brochure for ROCO new items and you start to flick over the pages and you think "I've seen 95% of this before!". Anyway we now have some of the new item leaflets available so if you can't get on to ROCO's website please send in 6 x 2nd class stamps and we will send a copy out to you.

For Swiss fans the highlight has to be the SBB Rotary Snowplough but at around £400 it's going to be expensive and it's all digital with sound - it's a pity there's not an analogue version. Other locos are a BLS 465 (code 72397) which has increased in price from £110 two years ago to around £220 this time. There is also another SBB Class 460 (code 72396) alongwith Re 6/6 in green (code 72580) and an Re 10/10 (6/6 & 4/4 coupled together) in "CARGO" livery (code 72582).

As for "odd" things there is an Eastern European CoCo Diesel in Polish / Russian and Czech liveries. There is also the usual array of coaches (but none for the Swiss modeller) and a few nice wagons some of which look incredibly like old KLEIN Modellbahn moulds. There are some interesting HUPAC wagons including 67530 with a "Steyr" Lorry load (67530) / "Ewals" Trailer load (67518) and 66737 with 2 x "Galliker" Tarpaulin Containers.

HOe: just two items this year - 33265 Rh 399 06 Steam Loco in green & black with a lot of brass banding around the boiler and a green Bogie Coach - 34028.

FLEISCHMANN: this year's new items leaflet is 84 pages and covers both the HO and N - specifically quoting "German Excellence"! Once again there is very little new, a few ex ROCO items in new guises and a lot of revamped existing locos although there does seem to be one completely new moulding of a BR E60 in DRG (436001) and DB (436002) liveries.

In N we have lots of new liveries of electric locos all of which KATO / Hobbytrain have already produced. Most of the coaches now come with a close coupling motion link. There are some new wagons, some with close coupling links and some without.

I think the best bet here is again if you can't visit the FLEISCHMANN website send us in 6 x 2nd Class stamps and we will mail you out a brochure. Once again please use our pre-order to secure any items you wish to purchase.

RIETZE: this Company continues to produce a brochure for the coming 3 months. As always there are lots of buses etc. in each quarter. The next quarter sees some Swiss Post Buses - a BLS bus, an "Arosa" bus (with the flowers like the BEMO coaches) all in HO and in N scale the BLS bus appears again.

We have a lot of brochures so if you would like a copy sent out just pop 3 x 2nd Class stamps in an envelope to us and we will send one out.

SudEXPRESS: this Company continue with their VOSSLOH Euro 4000 locos

with 3 new liveries but not until much later in the year. Please keep an eye on our website or newsletters for more information.

TRIX / MINITRIX: it looks as if the MARKLIN Group are going to change owners yet again! Talks are taking place with the DICKI-SIMBA Group, a massive German Toy Distributor.

The New Items brochure is 112 pages and to be honest far too much to list and a lot of the stuff I'm sure I've seen before but one thing is new and it's the MINITRIX "KAMBLY Biscuit Train". (Yvonne, Benson and I travelled on this train last year when we visited the factory). The set consists of a BLS 465, 5 Coaches and a Driving Trailer all in the "Kambly" livery and is code 11304. The usual red 460 loco appears, hopefully with a new running number (code 16761) plus 4 x SBB Coaches in the EuroCity livery including code 15083 the Panoramic Coach. There is a Swedish "Green Cargo" Class Re 14 Electric (code 12384) which is complimented with a "Green Cargo" Bogie Tanker (code 15367).

In HO there is very little new whatsoever but for Swiss fans the Krokodil appears in brown and green as a two Loco set - code 22956. The Re 4/4 I appears in red - code 22245 and to compliment this loco there are four Eanos Wagons with Sugar Beet load together with a Tractor & Trailer plus a Loading Depot Building - code 24366.

VK Modelle: not much happening here this year. The Enviro Swiss Post Buses are now listed as "new" for 2013. There are also some versions of Swiss Bendy Trolleybuses as well as quite a few German outline.

Keep a watch on our Website / Newsletters for updates on this range.

ViTRAINS: there is not anything new this year. ViTRAINS have just completed a move into a new factory which has held up quite a lot of their production time. This year they want to consolidate and catch up on 2012's new items which never appeared.

VOLLMER: once again some interesting and quirky things from VOLLMER! We should have some New Item leaflets soon but until then I will make a list of some of the more unusual items. HO to begin with:

5590 Engineering Factory / 3808 "Fitness" Hotel / 3629 Wholesale Market / 5589 which is listed as a "Vinegar & Cucumber" Factory - I think this would be better named as a "Pickling" Factory / 3617 aptly called "Bull in a China Shop" but comes with a Elephant Bull rather than a Bovine Bull!! / 5592 is a Window Manufacturing Factory and 3619 a 5-storey Town Building with a Chemist's Shop on the ground floor. 3618 is another Town Building with a Coffee Shop on the ground floor plus an outside drinking area. There is also a new BIO kit which is listed as a Farm Museum 3685.

For N scale the Town Building with Coffee Shop comes as 7663 and a Town House (although different from the HO one) with Chemist's Shop 7664. There is also an N version of the "Fitness" Hotel 7667 and one BIO kit a Farm Shop 7670.


As always I hope that the above information may be of help and interest to you. Both Yvonne and I would like to thank you for supporting WINCO and we hope to be of further service to you during 2013.

Peter Brett


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