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available from Winco during 2013


The items shown on these pages are New Items and will (hopefully) appear between

March 2013 and April 2014.  Items being shown here may not yet have been released or be

available from our stocks and depending on the date you refer to this information the models

may have been released and completely sold out.

This is why we strongly recommend you contact us and use our Pre-order scheme to secure any

items you are interested in purchasing.

L163994     SBB   4-unit FLIRT EMU   "Regio Basle"

L163973     BLB   3-unit FLIRT EMU

L163980     CANTUS   4-unit FLIRT EMU


L364536     DB Express Coach   A4ye   'Karwendel ' , Ep.III

L364537     DB Express Coach   B4ye   'Karwendel ' , Ep.III

L364538     DB Express Coach   B4ye   'Karwendel ' , Ep.III

L364536     DB Express Baggage Coach     'Karwendel ' , Ep.III


L265870     DB   Powder Silo Wagon   'Feldbinder ' , Ep.VI

L265871     DB   Powder Silo Wagon   'Ermewa ' , Ep.VI

L265872     DB   Powder Silo Wagon   'RSB Logistics ' , Ep.VI

L265874     DB   Powder Silo Wagon   'Enviloc ' , Ep.VI

L265997       Tank Wagon   'ARAL ' , Ep.IV/V


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