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available from Winco during 2013


The items shown on these pages are New Items and will (hopefully) appear between

March 2013 and April 2014.  Items being shown here may not yet have been released or be

available from our stocks and depending on the date you refer to this information the models

may have been released and completely sold out.

This is why we strongly recommend you contact us and use our Pre-order scheme to secure any

items you are interested in purchasing.

L133942     SBB   DOMINO 3-unit EMU  "RegionAlps"

L230120     set of 3     BLS    1st Coaches   Non Air-conditioned , "100 Years Lotschberg Bahn"

L334971      SBB   A Coach , EW I

L334972      SBB   B Coach , EW I

L334973      SBB   B Coach , EW I     ' NPZ '

L334974      SBB   A/B Coach , EW I     ' NPZ '


L131950     SBB   B3/4   Ep.I      Tender Locomotive

L131560     DRG   56.2   Ep.II      2-8-0 Tender Locomotive

L131560     DB   Class 56   Ep.III      2-8-0 Tender Locomotive

L131962     DR   671 53 7116   Ep.II      Tender Locomotive


L133103     LINT 27 Diesel Railcar       "HLB "

L133101     LINT 27 Diesel Railcar       "VECTUS "

L133102     LINT 27 Diesel Railcar       "HEX "

L133100     LINT 27 Diesel Railcar BR 640       "DB Regio "


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