Pendelzüge NEVA Retica

BDt series 1751~8     NEVA-Pendel

BDt 1752   " NEVA Retica "       order # 3249102       new item 2013

BDt1756       order #  3249 106

B EWI series 2292~7   refit    NEVA-Pendel

WS series 3911~4     NEVA-Pendel

WS3913         order #  3286 133

A series 1223~43     NEVA-Pendel

A1241        order #  3252131

A1248        order #  3252158       new item 2013

Pendelzüge NEVA Retica

RhB used the opening of the Vereina Tunnel in the Winter timetable of 1999/2000 as the occasion to introduce the new through connection between Prattigau and Unterengadin as NEVA Retica and to reorganise regional traffic.

The centrepiece of the Scuol-Vereina-Landquart and the the Scuol-Samedan-Pontresina services 'the new rail travel system' were the newly bought low floor driving trailers BDt1751-1758, which were provided by Stadler Altenheim. In the course of the last few years the Zuglauf-Scuol-Landquart and also the Chur-Reichenau and Ilanz up to Disentis routes saw extended use of the 'new' the driving trailers. At the present time the driving trailers are being used for the Scuol-Pontresina regional traffic (with Ge4/4II) and Landquart- Davos (with Ge4/4III, and additionally in the winter of 2008-2009 with Ge4/4II).

For the remainder of NEVA Retica trains the RhB refitted existing coaches and equipped the trains from the following stock: AB1519-1526 ; A1243-1250; AB1527-1534 ; B2290-2297. They specially introduced blue brake edges to indicate the emergency vacuum brakes and telephone 'station-to-driver'.

It is now possible to construct a complete Pendelzug NEVA Retica .

with power :-

Ge4/4II 613 "Domat "   1258 153

Ge4/4III 648 "Lanxess"   1259 148

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