Two-axle Steam era nostalgia coaches


B2075     order #     3231115

B2077     order #     3231127

B2076     order #     3231116

B2078     order #     3231128


In 1908 4 two-axle coaches, C 256-268, were delivered by the factory in Rastatt. In 1952 they were converted for use on the Bernina line in Landquart workshops; they received new wooden structures with large windows on the existing chassis. In the 70s, the now, B 2075-2078 coaches were used for excursion trains from the north side to Alp Grüm, for nostalgia runs as well as attached to freight trains (GMP). Especially since the early 70s, numerous operations in GmP are documented on the trunk network, we have decided to offer this all-purpose vehicles in the model - also in view of the fact that In 1983 three of these coaches were moved to the South German Railway Museum "Oechsle", and are still in operation there.

RhB Coach Carousel

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