G2/3+2/2   series   25 ~ 32    

G2/3+2/2 25 ,     order # 1293135

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Following Mallet series G2/2+2/2  21~22  and  G2/2+2/3  23~24  (with trailing axle), SLM introduced a third Mallet series with the eight G2/3+2/2  25~32. These were equipped with a preceding front axle. These last RhB Mallet locos did not fulfil expectations. In 1904 the first trailing tender appeared on the Bundes meter gauge track. In the early twentieth century they left the RhB and were sold to Madagascar and the Yverdon-St Croix Railway. The last went to Spain after the electrification of the Swiss Yverdon-St Croix railway.

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